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In this edition of Pet of the Week, we were introduced to Celeste and Dandelion, 7-month-old English spot/mixed breed rabbits. Lee Chambers, Manager of Media and Public Relations at Dakin Humane Society, and Allie Thorpe, Associate Director of Marketing at Dakin, told us all about the rabbits and other events coming up.

Name:  Celeste & Dandelion
Location: Springfield: Dakin Humane Society
Breed:  English spot, mixed breed (both)
Gender: Female (both)
Age: 7 months (both)
Color:  White/Brown (both)

Youngsters Celeste & Dandelion are 7 months old and they need to be adopted out together.  They’re a bonded pair, and are very close friends.  Both of them are spayed.  Here are some fun facts about rabbits: 
    The most important thing in their diet is grass hay, such as timothy. Always have it available to them.
    Rabbit pellets are also an important supplement in their diet, as well as fresh, leafy greens (dark lettuces, collard greens, carrot tops)
    Rabbits should only live indoors – living outside makes them vulnerable to weather extremes and predators, plus they miss out on important social contact with family members
    Rabbits are very social animals and should have supervised time outside their cage every day in a safe area.  Hide electrical cords and wires to prevent them from nibbling on them
    Always use a solid-bottom cage, as wire bottoms hurt their feet unless covered with wood, towels or carpeting
    Rabbits pick one corner of their cage for a bathroom. When they do, put a newspaper-lined litter box in that cover, cover the bottom with hay or pelleted litter. Change that box daily; clean the cage weekly
    Never use pine or cedar-scented shavings as litter, the fumes aren’t healthy
    Give them toys to satisfy their natural urges to dig and chew, like cardboard boxes, old phone directories and commercially made chew sticks

Other Events/Topics
Barks & Brews is Coming June 24 at Fort Hill Brewery in Easthampton! 12-1pm is VIP Hour, 1-5pm is General Admission
Our third annual Barks & Brews fundraising event is coming June 24!  This dog-friendly, outdoor event is for people 21 years old and up.  Tickets are going FAST and they’re available only online at our Facebook page:  
(  Crowd-friendly dogs on non-retractable leashes are welcome to attend.

VIP Tickets: $50 (includes special 12-1 VIP Hour admission, appetizers, complimentary beer, Barks & Brews t-shirt and VIP parking)
General Admission Tickets:  $25 (includes complimentary beer and free parking)

Event highlights include:
    Activities for Dogs (including Splash Zone, nail trimming, dog baths, photo booth family portraits)
    Food trucks (for humans!)

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