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In this edition of Pet of the Week, we were introduced to Gucci, a 1.5-year-old lab retriever mix dog. Lee Chambers, Manager of Marketing and Communications for Dakin Humane Society, told us all about Gucci and shared tips on pet winter safety.

Name: Gucci

Location: Springfield: Dakin Humane Society

Breed: Lab Retriever mix

Gender: Male

Age: 1.5 years


A sweetheart of a dog never goes out of fashion, and Gucci, who is 1 ½ years old, is no exception to that rule! This handsome fellow came up from Texas (he’s a Dixie Dog), and he’s ready to charm us northerners. Gucci likes other dogs very much, but we’re not sure about cats (staff can check that for you). He’s good with children. Gucci’s foster family said that of all the foster pets they have cared for, Gucci was the best. As they put it, Gucci is the “best of both worlds” type of dog, meaning that he loves to run and play, but when it’s time for him to be calm, he does that right away. They described him as a puppy in an adult dog’s body, and he’s a good playmate for other dogs 20-60 pounds. Gucci LOVES to play with toys, especially balls and rope toys. Plus, nothing beats a good game of fetch, as far as he’s concerned. Come meet this good boy at our Springfield Adoption & Education Center.


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Winter Safety Tips:

Tethering your dog outside – A recent MA state law prohibits dog tethering between 10pm – 6am and when a weather advisory or warning has been issued. Tethering is permitted during these hours for less than 15 minutes and only if the dog is not left unattended. In the cold weather, in any weather actually, dogs should be accompanied by people when going outside.

Watch their pads – It doesn’t take long for snow to freeze on dog paws and cause problems. Dog boots are a great idea to protect your dog from sidewalk salt, but dogs tend to resist wearing them. Before you introduce them to boots, try slipping baby socks on their paws to get them used to the feel of something on their feet. Once they accept that, try the boots!

Get reflective – When you’re out walking in the darker days and longer nights, be sure you and your pet can be seen. Consider a reflective collar for your dog, or check out leashes, tags and more that feature LED lights or blinkers.

Bang on the hood of your car – In cold weather, cats sometimes curl up inside parked cars for warmth (even if the car hadn’t run in days…it still offers shelter from the wind and predators). Before you start your car, bang on the hood, or maybe toot the horn to let any stowaway cats know that they need to get out, fast.

Keep antifreeze in a safe place – Antifreeze is thick, sweet, irresistible and deadly for cats and dogs. It doesn’t take long for a pet to become sick when they ingest it. Keep antifreeze in a tightly-closed container and put it on a high shelf. Also, check that your car is not leaking antifreeze.

High snow piles by fences – Be careful that snow doesn’t pile up near fences in your backyard. Dogs that normally wouldn’t be tall enough to jump over your fence may climb up on a snow pile and find that they’ve got just the height they need to jump over – and run away.

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