Pet of the Week: Macaroon the Puppy!

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In this edition of Pet of the Week, we were introduced to Macaroon, a 2-year-old Dog. Lee Chambers, Manager of Media & Public Relations at Dakin Humane Society, shared more about Macaroon and about other happenings at Dakin.

Name:  Macaroon

Location:  Springfield

Breed:  Lab Retriever mix

Gender: Female

Age:  2 years

Beautiful Macaroon just arrived at Dakin from Texas, so she’s a Dixie Dog!  She enjoys other dogs, but we don’t know her history of living with cats (staff can check on that for you).  Macaroon is a calm dog who loves to go for walks (she’s an ideal walking buddy) and would be a terrific first dog for someone unfamiliar with having a dog as a pet!  Come meet this beauty at our Springfield Adoption & Education Center.


Other Events
Nick’s Nursery Needs YOU!   Nick’s Nursery is about to open for its 5th season and we’re going to be treating lots of kittens found either alone or with their litter mates “out there.”  Good Samaritans scoop them up and bring them to Dakin, where we treat them and get them well.  Often these kittens are only a few weeks old…sometimes just days or hours old.  Our mission is to save as many as possible, and that’s why we created Nick’s Nursery, New England’s only kitten intensive care unit!  The nursery runs in the summer and fall months, and more resources are needed!  We hope you can help us restock the shelves by making a gift in any amount for Nick’s Nursery

Here’s why we need funds for Nick’s:

Each year we get more patients for Nick’s Nursery – the number has risen each time!

It costs $40,000 to operate Nick’s for a season, and as we are about to open, we’re only at 25% of our goal.

There’s been a real increase in the number of pets brought to Dakin (for adoption) that are older and/or struggling with medical or behavioral complications.  Our pet population is changing and helping these pets drains our financial resources more than before.

Foster caregivers who take tiny kitten home that need round-the-clock care are amazing folks for taking such good care of those kittens…but we still need to provide formula and all medical needs for these kittens, and those costs add up!

When a sickly kitten is brought to Dakin and goes into Nick’s Nursery, we work hard to get him well and on the road to adoption.

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