(MASS APPEAL) – It’s time for Mass Appeal’s Pet of the week and we’re introducing you to Gabby and Briella! Lee Chambers from Dakin Humane Society is here with more on these little girls.


Briella and her sister Gabby enjoy interacting with people, including children. These two girls are rambunctious and playful, and don’t mind being handled. They are accustomed to getting out of their cages to do some exploring on a daily basis and may treat your belly to piggy footprints as they walk all over you or your bed. They are entertaining to watch, as they popcorn and chase each other around. Tag, you’re it! Briella is the real show off, though, and spins in circles. Looking for a pair of delightful pets guaranteed to keep a smile on your face? These are your girls! They need to go home together. Guinea pigs are incredibly social animals who need to be kept in pairs/groups to thrive. They need lots of space to run around in, and toys to keep them active and enriched! They should get daily “floor time” outside of their cage. This time outside of the cage will be great for bonding and growing closer with them!

Diet Requirements:

  • Grass hay available at all times
  • Small amount of timothy pellets
  • Daily Vitamin C – can get from veggies like red pepper, kale, mustard greens, dandelion greens, and other leafy greens.

Here you can visit Gabby and Briella‘s Pet Profiles

Events/Other Topics: Parvo Clinics continue

Upcoming Friday Parvo Vaccine clinics at Dakin for healthy dogs:

  • November 10th & November 17th
  • There is a $20 fee per vaccination
  • All dogs must be healthy

All parvo clinics are by appointment only. To book an appointment, visit dakinhumane.org/programs/parvoclinic

By law, a Rabies vaccine is required for all dogs unless a valid certificate is provided at the time of appointment

For more information, visit dakinhumane.org

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