Pet of the Week: Meet Galavant, a kitty with some special needs

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(Mass Appeal) – This is a time for heroes and you can be one if you adopt the handsome Galavant. Lee Chambers from Dakin Humane Society shares this cat’s heartbreaking story.

Galavant came from a person who had many cats. Galavant is having a hard time adjusting and needs a hero adopter. He’s one cat of a group of 5 that fell on hard times when their guardian passed away. They were not being fed cat food for an unknown amount of time and had no access to litter boxes. As a result of their poor nutrition they have developed vision loss and other conditions. Due to his limited vision, Galavant will need a home with structure and guidance. He’s a little shy right now and is easily startled. We require that he has a helper cat in the home–either a resident cat or he can go home with one of his current buddies–to help build his confidence in the new environment. It will take him time to adjust to his new home and his new family – he will likely be very insecure as he adjusts to his new surroundings. Once he is comfortable, he really enjoys being petted and will try and follow the sound of your voice to come over for attention. There are also toys that smell like catnip, toys that crackle and toys that make noise that will help him adjust to a new home. Galavant and his friends are now looking for a place where they can focus on the life a head of them. If you feel that you can meet Galavant’s needs give Dakin call!

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Dakin’s Amazon Wish List – If you haven’t already taken a look at our Amazon Wish List, please do! That’s where we have our most-needed items to help animals get well and on their way to being adopted. This is the time of year that we’re expecting some kittens to be brought to us and we need to be prepared to help them. The ones we see are usually the ones who live outdoors and are quite sick, so they need help, and we need supplies to get them on all four feet and on the way to a wonderful new life!

Dakin’s Amazon Wish List:

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