(MASS APPEAL) – It’s time for Mass Appeal’s Pet of the Week and we’re introducing you to Greg! Lee Chambers is here from Dakin Humane Society with more on this little guy.


Surprise! Greg’s person was gifted a rabbit who, unknowingly, was pregnant, so Greg is now at Dakin with his littermates, waiting to hop into a life full of fun and snuggles. All of these baby bunnies have had good interaction with people and would make great family pets. They would do well with cats and quiet, docile dogs, so it you have your own menagerie, there shouldn’t be a problem with these little ones.

One look at a baby bunny is all it takes to fall in love. Just a little twitch of the nose and they’re hopping into your heart! Rabbits are intelligent and complex animals who do well in families with humans who understand that they are prey animals, and do not enjoy being held/picked up. The best way to bond with rabbits is to spend time with them outside of their pens, and shower them with plenty of fresh veg leaves such as romaine and cilantro!

Rabbits also need plenty of daily time to explore outside of their pen and hang with their human. Because rabbits need so much space and aren’t easy to hold, they aren’t an ideal “starter pet”. Rabbits usually do best with older children who can respect their boundaries.

Visit Greg’s Pet Profile HERE

Events/Other Topics: Clear the Shelters – It’s our Final Day!

Today is the last day of our Clear the Shelters promotion for August! You can get 50% off adoption fees for pets today, and you can come into the shelter until 3pm to see who we’ve got ready to start a new life in your home!

Thanks to everyone who adopted a pet and helped us find so many homes for so many animals this month. We’ve loved partnering with WWLP-TV in this important effort to boost adoption rates on both local and national levels.

This isn’t our final total yet – but our adoption count for the month of August (Clear the Shelter month) is 278!

For more information, visit dakinhumane.org

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