(MASS APPEAL) – It’s time for Mass Appeal’s pet of the week and we’re introducing you to Nemo. Lee Chambers is here from Dakin Humane Society is here with more on this little guy.


Nemo has been in foster care with his sister Onyx, living the good life! But now they’re ready to hit the road and find homes of their own. Nemo’s foster said Nemo is more energetic than Onyx! He is also friendly and loves to play. He hasn’t been around children but would probably be fine with them, and he got along fine with the resident pooch. If you are considering adopting multiple kittens, Onyx would be the purrfect match. Double your fun!

Dakin participated in the rescue efforts involving two western MA hoarding cases in the space of one week, which resulted in more than 40 cats and kittens coming to our shelter in addition to the MANY pets we are already caring for!

Some of these new arrivals are already available for adoption and are on our website, others will be available for adoption shortly.

We usually use the phrase “spirit cat” or “spirit kitten” to describe felines that come to us from hoarding situations, because they are typically very shy and are not people-centric. They live in your home, but are rarely seen – visitors will never see them. They are cats who live with you, and who may sometimes grant you the opportunity to touch them. Or, they may not. These kitties need to go to homes that already have a resident cat, or you should consider adopting a second spirit cat so they can keep each other company.

Most tiny kittens like our friend Nemo are socialized and friendly toward people, but we have many tiny spirit kittens we’ve taken in recently, that have been rescued from outdoor colonies or hoarding cases. They tend to be afraid of people, but we are actively working to socialize them and show them that people are good. You can make a real difference by considering adopting one of our tiny spirit kittens, and literally changing their lives for the better. We are lowering our adoption fees for spirit cats and kittens because we wouldn’t want there to be anything to prevent someone from adopting one of these beautiful felines.

For more information, visit dakinhumane.org

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