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(Mass Appeal) – On last Thursday’s pet of the week Alanna here got a little jealous because the kitten we had taken to me rather quickly and wouldn’t give her the time of day. Well, today we’ve got, not one, but two kittens to keep us both happy. Lee Chambers is here from Dakin Humane Society with Rafter and Gable.

Benefits of the pet/human bond:

Dogs keep you active. In most cases, you have to walk them, and many people choose to take hikes and go exploring with their dogs, which brings you closer.

Petting and cuddling your animal decreases your stress level and boosts moods. Studies from the National Institute of Health have shown that people feel better when they have physical contact.

Having a pet usually requires having a routine (feeding time, walking time, playing time, etc.), which can make you feel closer with your pet as you share your daily activities.

Oxytocin is a hormone found in humans, cats, and dogs. It is often referred to as “the love hormone” and plays a significant role in human bonding and might help explain how our pets feel about us. Studies have shown an increase in oxytocin levels in dogs after gazing into their person’s eyes and an increase in oxytocin levels in cats after playing with their people.

Our pets offer friendship and love without judgment.
One of the greatest ways to bond with your dog is to take training classes. A win/win!

Other related topics:
According to the latest statistics, more than 325,000 pets live in the Pioneer Valley
The pandemic has certainly had a hand in strengthening the pet/human bond, with so many people forced to stay at home, or maybe work from home, they’re spending way more time with their pets
There has been no truth in the theory that animals are being returned to shelters in large numbers as people return to their jobs. Dakin interacts with many national organizations and shelters and there are no numbers to support the belief that this is happening
There’s more demand for pets in retirement communities. In 2005, few would admit them, now about 40% will allow pets, according to a story in the New York Times

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