Pet of the Week: Meet Rick & Morty!

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(Mass Appeal) – They may sound like males but Rick and Morty are a bonded pair of female rats looking for a new home. Lee Chambers introduces us to the pair.

Name: Morty & Rick
Breed: Rats
Age: 11 months (both)
Sex: Female (both)
Color: White


Are you looking for a couple of smart, adorable, AND interactive pets? Well look no further than Morty and Rick. Don’t let the names fool you, these are two lady rats. Here’s some info about rats: When they are happy, they let out a cheerful sound that is similar to laughter! They love being handled and will happily ride around on your shoulders. They’re social, active, and love to play with toys. They use their tails to keep them balanced! Rats eat a diet of rodent chow and need to get some bite-sized bits of fresh fruit and veggies daily – peas, broccoli, carrots, apples and bananas are recommended. But don’t give them chocolate, candy, peanut butter or cheese! Rats love people food, but only limit them to an occasional bit of cooked pasta or a bit of pizza crust. And always have a water bottle handy for them that can mount to the side of their cage. They need toys or things they can chew on to wear down their teeth, which grow continually. One perfect item for that? Dog biscuits!

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