(Mass Appeal) – Rufus’s previous family say that he was the best dog that they have ever had! He listened to them well and knows sit, stay, down, shake, roll over all on hand cues alone.  He’s been with his main foster person for about a month. She says “This dog is excellent. He is gentle, unless I tell him we’re playing; hangs around but is not clingy. To me he’s a dream if you don’t have a busy household or a lot of visitors coming and going. He is scared of strangers coming into the house and will bark and prefer to be put away.  With that in mind, he’s not suited for a busy household, or one with young children. He understands verbal commands very well. He has been absolutely so easy to have here. He’s affectionate and listens beautifully. I can’t say enough good things about him. He’s a hoot!” 

To learn more about Rufus and all the animals looking for their forever homes, visit dakinhumane.org

Barks and Brews is back!

Date:  Sunday, September 18th

Time:  12-1pm is VIP hour, otherwise general admission is 1-4pm

Place:  Fort Hill Brewery, Easthampton, MA

Ticket prices: 

$70 for VIP (includes on-site parking, 2 beer tokens, 1 pint glass, VIP refreshment tour. 

$35 for General Admission (includes 1 beer token). 

$40 for General Admission with a Pint Glass (includes 1 beer token and 1 pint glass)

Get tickets here:  https://www.dakinhumane.org/barksandbrews.html