Pet of the Week: Meet the inseparable Parrot and Jay

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(Mass Appeal) – It’s time for Mass Appeal’s pet of the week… today we’re introducing you to two cute, unique animals named Parrot & Jay. These are bonded male degus.

Parrot & Jay (to be adopted together)
Breed: Degus (DAY-gooz)
Age: 1 year old (Parrot), 5 months old (Jay)
Sex: Male (both)
Color: Brown

Meet Parrot and Jay! They are degus (DAY-gooz) and they’re seeking a home together. Here are some interesting facts about degus:

They’re medium-sized rodents that are related to both the chinchilla and the guinea pig.
They love weekly dust baths!
Their teeth are orange.
Lifespan is about 5-8 years.
They benefit from out-of-cage-time each day to run around a bit and bond with their humans.

Degus are bubbly and friendly with gentle mannerisms. They like each other’s company, as well as older children and adults. They’re curious animals and like playing with appropriate toys (grass or hay toys, swings, hammocks, even a cardboard box!).

An ideal cage measures at least 24″ x 18″ x 24″ with multiple levels (like a chinchilla or rat cage)
Cages need solid bottoms, or they will hurt their feet.

Degus are very smart and need mental and physical stimulation. Be sure they have a large, solid running wheel inside their cage. Avoid wheels with spokes or open rungs or they can seriously hurt their tails or legs. Give them branches from apple, hazel or hawthorn trees to gnaw on. Not all wood is safe, however. Check with your veterinarian.

Degus are naturally diabetic so sugar is OUT. Be sure what you feed them doesn’t have molasses, glucose or honey. They eat a small quantity of hard seed daily, the biggest part of their diet is Timothy hay (always have it handy for them). They need fresh vegetable matter once or twice per week in moderation (dark lettuces and dandelion greens, plus vegetables, such as sweet potatoes, cucumber, bell peppers, and carrots). Degus need access to water all day as well.

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