(MASS APPEAL) – It’s time for Mass Appeal’s pet of the week and we’re introducing you to Tyson! Lee Chambers and Lauren Rubin from Dakin Humane Society are here with more on him and how you can help Dakin.


You’d have to look far and wide to find a sweeter dog than Tyson. He has been waiting for a home for 7 weeks now (longer than any dog we have right now), and he’s currently in a foster home.

Tyson’s foster mom describes life with him this way: “Tyson likes stuffed animals so he can fling them into the air and run around carrying them. If there are no toys, he will follow me into the yard to see what he can play with outside. He just sort of hangs out wherever I am but will wander away if something interests him. It’s funny to watch him stop and watch when an airplane goes by overheard.”

She says that Tyson has a medium-high energy level, and loves to tire himself out playing with the neighbor’s dog through the fence, running around with sticks, and hanging out with her around the house. He does well when he’s left alone, but is ready for adventure if she’s gone all day. She says Tyson looks at her with love and affection in his eyes, asking for adventure and playtime. He’s smart, affectionate, well behaved, and builds a deep bond with his people. He is fully house trained, has excellent manners (never chews anything except his own toys), is quick to flop over for a belly rub, and would be easy for anyone to live with. Tyson does have some skin issues that will require ongoing care, but they’re easy to care for. Staff would be happy to chat with you about them.

You can visit Tyson’s Pet Profile HERE

Events/Other Topics: Adopters and Fosters Needed as More Pets Arrive at Dakin

Dakin’s busy season is starting unusually early this year, as many dogs and cats have been making their way to us recently. We have some terrific dogs, some who are not even a year old yet, who really want to connect with a person or family, and live a life filled with love. Our cat adoption list is long also, with many black or tuxedo cats that are sometimes bypassed for kittens and cats with different colored fur, like orange or light brown. There are so many wonderful aspects to the people/pet bond, and we’ve got so many great potential new family members at Dakin right now!

If adoption isn’t in the cards for you, please consider being a foster caregiver for Dakin pets. Dogs like Tyson, who is in a foster home, would have become very mentally stressed if they were in the shelter for as long as he’s been waiting, and his behavior and demeanor would have been negatively affected. Fosters are a hugely important part of Dakin’s success in finding homes for animals. Benefits of fostering include:

  • You’re saving 2 lives; the pet in your care, and the pet who can now move into the shelter
  • No matter how hard we work to make Dakin nice for the pets (and we do!), nothing beats a home environment
  • Dakin’s staff and medical team is there to support you
  • Flexibility in making the commitment – you let us know your ideal time frame for fostering and we’ll work with you
  • We’ll work with your schedule – for example, if you have a summer vacation coming up, you can foster before and after your trip. We’ll relocate your foster pet elsewhere while you enjoy your vacation
  • Great way to see your kids in action with animal care – maybe they’ll prove themselves ready for their own pet. Plus, they learn about responsibility and compassion towards animals
  • While it’s hard to say goodbye to a pet at the end of the foster period, as they say, “The goal is goodbye.” When you have finished helping one little friend make their way to a new adoption family, you’re able to help another pet that needs you. It’s volunteer work that you can truly be proud of

For more information, visit dakinhumane.org

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