Pet of the week: Rumble, Discord, and Smolder

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(Mass Appeal) – It’s time for Mass Appeal’s pet of the week… today we’re introducing you to Rumble, Discord, and Smolder. Lee Chambers is here from Dakin Humane Society with three little guys.

Rumble, Discord, and Smolder – to be adopted together
Breed: American Guinea Pigs
Age: 1 year old (Rumble, Discord), 9 months old (Smolder)
Gender: Male (all)
Color: Rumble (all white), Discord (white with black eye patches), Smolder (white with brown/gray eye patches)

They are affectionate little piggies and super friendly! Their foster mom says they run around a lot and have fun doing “binkies” and charging through tunnels. Rumble is pretty social and likes to sniff human fingers. He can be squirmy when you try to pick him up, though. Discord has the zoomies and loves running around his pen. He enjoys being petted but isn’t a fan of being picked up. He’s playful, rambunctious, and independent. He has a sweet personality. Smolder is the shy one, but he’s coming out of his shell. He’s rather aloof and fearful, but he’s coming along, helped by his older, more confident pals.

For more information about Dakin Humane Society, please visit

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