(MASS APPEAL) – It’s time for Mass Appeal’s pet of the week and we’re introducing you to two guinea pigs, Ricardo and Yusef. Lee Chambers is here from Dakin Humane Society with all the detail on these two.

Here’s what his foster mom had to say about Ricardo and his dad, Yusef: “They are both a little shy with new people at first but will take food from anyone. Once they get to know someone they are very friendly. Both Yusef and Ricardo will jump out of their cage onto their patio to greet me with enthusiastic “wheeks” whenever I visit them. They are not thrilled about being picked up/held, but will climb into my lap when I sit down with them and they do like to be petted on their heads. They are very enthusiastic eaters and will gently eat veggies, pellets, or alfalfa out of my hand. It is also very enjoyable to watch them chase each other through tunnels and boxes in their playpen. They always seem to be having a great time! They are definitely fun little guys!”

You can view Yusef’s Pet Profile HERE
You can view Ricardo’s Pet Profile HERE

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