Preventing and healing the dreaded dry winter hands

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(Mass Appeal) – Winter takes its toll all over your body – but oftentimes your hands have it the worst. Dr. Stanley Glazer from the New England Dermatology and Laser Center joined us to talk about hand dermatitis – prevention and treatment.

According to Dr. Glazer, hand dermatitis or extreme dry and cracked hands, has several causes. First, environmental factors, like cold and wind, dehydrate the skin. Frequent washing with soaps that remove surface oil, can also be drying. People who work in the medical field, outside, or in the restaurant industry, may be more susceptible.

The key to healing and prevention is moisturizing. Use hand moisturizer and protect your skin with gloves when you are washing up – even put a cotton glove on underneath the rubber gloves for an added level of protection.

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