(Mass Appeal) – Today is Connecticut Day at the Big E. It’s traditionally one of the busiest weekdays of the fair. We talk to the Connecticut state building manager to hear about some of the new and returning favorite vendors.

There’s a classic car show happening on the Avenue of States again. Check out the Model A’s on display this afternoon.

The Big E has its roots as an agricultural fair. In keeping with that tradition, we talk with a young bovine exhibitor at the fair. We hear why sheep have to be sheared for the animal’s health. We also learn about Moo U, a free guided tour around the barn. Did you know the term “cow” refers only to a female bovine who has had a calf?

It wouldn’t be coverage of The Big E without looking at some tasty foods. We explore EB’s Food for Fun and Rudy’s Pizza and Slush Factory to see what fair-goers can expect.