Romance Week: Heat things up in the kitchen at home with this romantic dinner for two

Mass Appeal

(Mass Appeal) – Cooking is a great way to show your love for someone, so we invited Chef Angel Cotto and Kristen McDowell from 350 Grill to join us with a simple yet delicious recipe you can make to wine and dine the one you love!

Chef Cotto made a dinner to impress with fresh and simple ingredients. Filet mignon medallions sauteed in butter with fresh asparagus and a baked potato.

McDowell suggested wines to pair with the meal – a selection of various reds. She noted that anything from a lighter pinot noir to a more robust cabernet works well with steak.

Chef Cotto shared a trick to tell how well your steak is cooked just by using your palm. If the steak feels softer, like palm of your hand near the thumb, then it’s rare to medium rare, which is the preferred temperature for this cut of steak.

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