(MASS APPEAL) – We all know a hero, a teacher, nurse, first responder, whoever it may be Hyundai wants to make sure they feel appreciated. Mass Appeal’s Kayla Hevey spoke with Brian Houser, General Manager at Balise Hyundai to share how the hero in your life can win a 2024 Hyundai Tucson in Hyundai’s Salute to Heroes.

Hyundai Salute to Heroes

Salute to Heroes is a way of acknowledging the ordinary people in our lives who do heroic things. Our local Communities continue to go through so much, Salute to Heroes is the Western Mass Hyundai dealer’s way of saying thank you, and what better way to thank one of these heroes than to award them with a brand-new Hyundai.

To Nominate a Hero: Go to HyundaiSaluteToHeroes.com, you’ll first be asked to fill in some basic information and then in 300 words or less, explain why your nominee is a hero, based on the challenges they have faced, the achievements they’ve accomplished, or in deeds they have done..

Who can be nominated: Anyone who lives in the Springfield area (which includes Franklin, Hampshire and Hampden counties) with a story that inspires us. They must be 18 years or older.

A Nominee should be someone who has inspired you because they have selflessly given of themselves in order to help others. The judges will look at the impact the nominee had on the local community, on their family, and why the nominee is deserving of the Hyundai vehicle

Salute to Heroes’ Prize: Prize is a 2024 Hyundai Tucson, Hyundai will pay the sales tax and other fees associated with the car.

The nomination period will end at midnight on Sunday, August 27th. The winner will be announced the week of October 2nd.

For more information visit HyundaiSaluteToHeroes.com

Sponsored by: Western Mass Hyundai Dealers