(MASS APPEAL) – Fright Fest is back at Six Flags New England! Featuring family-friendly thrills by day and the scariest frights at night, it is known as the scare capitol of New England. Kayla Hevey is joined by Jennifer McGrath, Communications Manager and Spokesperson for Six Flags New England, to get all the spooky details.

This year’s Fright Fest is extended an extra week, giving you even more time to get your fright on this season. Running from September 24 through November 6, Fright Fest is featuring events for the whole family. From Boo Fest for kids to dress up, go trick-or-treating and play some fun games and crafts to over 20 different attractions and experiences at night time, immersing guests in any and all fears.

For more information, times and where to buy tickets you can visit sixflags.com/newengland

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