(Mass Appeal) – Summer is a time for kids to let loose and have some fun. However, education can still be a part of the fun, and the Springfield Jewish Community Center summer camps incorporate fun and learning into their programs.

During our trip to camp we learned how to keep your STEM skills active by making a car out of a few simple items, we talked about preparing for the return to school and eliminating the summer slide with 5 things to incorporate into your summer, to stay fit and active we played frisbee golf and gaga ball, and lastly, we made galaxy jars.

Instructions for the items noted above follow:

Arts & Crafts: Car-Making Instructions

What you will need:

● 4 wheels

● 2 axles

● 1 straw

● Scissors

● 1 cardboard square

● Rubberband

● Woodchip

● Tape


1. Cut plastic straw into 2, to fit the length of the cardboard square

2. Tape one part of the straw on one end of the cardboard square, and

tape the other part of the straw horizontally on the other end of the

cardboard square

3. Attach one wheel to one axel.

4. Put the axle into the plastic straw so that the one wheel sticks out on

the end.

5. Attach the other wheel to the other end of the axel where it sticks out

of the straw.

6. Do steps 3-5 again for the other side’s plastic straw

7. Tape a rubber band to the back of cardboard square in the middle of

the 2 wheels

8. Decorate cardboard square and use Mercedes-Benz sticker to make

it a realistic race car!

9. Tape a wood chip onto the picnic table.

How to use:

1. Attach the rubber band onto the woodchip and pull the car back so

the rubber band is tight

2. Let go of the car and watch it speed away!

Five Ways to Prepare For School & Combat the Summer Slide

– Play (with your child(ren) and encourage play with peers–play is important part of social-emotional development)

– Process (talk to your child about their activities to help process the day, support their emotional well-being and celebrate wins from the day)

– Read (a short story after dinner or before bed will develop great habits and help your child pick-up where they left off when school starts back up)

– Rest (children need time to recharge, process and catch up on sleep to be their best the next day)

– Repeat (in order to try and normalize a schedule/routine…this will definitely help support the transition back to a more structured school day in the fall)

Arts & Crafts: Making Galaxy Jars


● Plastic Bottles

● Baby Oil

● Water

● Food Coloring

● Optional: sparkles


1. First, fill half of the water bottle with water

2. mix food coloring into the water bottle to get the

perfect purple!

3. Next, you want to pour your baby oil into the bottle to

get it almost full.

4. Add sparkles! (optional)

5. Close the bottle and shake!