Summer skin tips: Protecting yourself from insect bites

Mass Appeal

Dr. Stanley Glazer of the New England Dermatology and Laser Center joined us today to discuss summer skin and bug bites – specifically ticks and mosquitoes – insects the news has been buzzing about lately.

The first topic we tackled was tick bites. Dr. Glazer cautioned that the rash can appear days after the bite. It can also form if the tick becomes dislodged, so even if you don’t see a bug and you get that telltale bullseye rash, seek medical help.

Dr. Glazer addressed mosquitoes as well, stating they often bite in a series and are drawn to parts of our bodies that have odor, like feet. That’s often why people get so many bites on their legs. He said applying a spray with DEET in it once a day, wearing dull colors and fewer beauty products and deodorants should help.

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