Surviving the Holidays Week: Organizational tips to save you time

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(Mass Appeal) – The holidays are a busy time of year, but some pre-planning and preparation, you can save yourself a lot of time and stress. Here with advice is Carleen Eve Fischer Hoffman, owner of The Clutter Doctor, Inc.

Plan for the Holiday

Create a shopping checklist

Search Internet and catalogues for ideas

Look at store websites for coupons and inventory

Don’t stress over your holiday card, any time is fine

Make a portable wrapping paper station by using an under the bed bin. Have smaller bins inside to hold supplies

Wrap often so you’re not up late on Christmas Eve

Place recipient’s initials on the bottom of the package in case the card gets lost

Prepare for your Party

  • Prepare a list of things you need to do
  • Keep your decorating simple to save time
  • Have your kids punch holes in cards and string them up
  • Stock up on pantry essentials like crackers and nuts, baking and paper goods
  • Consider purchasing frozen appetizers to have on hand
  • Create a mini bar ahead of time and keep it stocked
  • Only clean those areas of your home that will be used

Pack it Away

  • Don’t procrastinate, just get it done!
  • Use common sense instead of customized containers
  • Wrap lights around cardboard–or roll and place in baggie
  • Ornaments, keep it simple, use clear plastic baggies
  • Store wreaths in clear garbage bags and hang
  • Place wrapping paper upright in small trash bin
  • Candlesticks, wrap in paper, label

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