CHiCOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – Smartphones can do a lot more than just make phone calls these days, and more and more people are using their phones to take photos! Craig Norton is a professional photographer and he joins us to share tips for taking the best photos possible.Cell Phone Photography Quick Tips:

~ Avoid the zoom, it just crops into the photo and makes it pixelated.  Move closer to your subjects!

~ Avoid the flash, it makes people look like zombies. Use natural light for more realistic images.

~ Hold the camera steady and make sure the picture is saved before moving along.

~ Be discerning about what you share on social media, only show your best shots.

~ Use editing apps to take ok shots and make them better. Pixlr, Instagram and Retro Cam are free editors that will transform your photos into art!

About Craig:Craig Norton has been a professional photographer for 30 years and he has been a teaching artist for 12 years. He presents workshops, residencies in schools, museums and libraries throughout New England and teaches private lessons at his studio in Middletown, CT. Craig wrote “Rock The Shot!” ( which is a fun, easy read for beginners. You can check out his work at