Teaching your children how to break the cycle of prejudice

Mass Appeal

(Mass Appeal) – Race is a huge issue in our country right now – from the disturbing images of the treatment of George Floyd, to the protests and riots in our streets. Ken Dolan-Del Vecchio, founder of GreenGate Leadership, joined us to discuss ways parents can talk about race and work to break the cycle of prejudice for their children.

Dolan-Del Vecchio said that it’s important as a parent to model good behavior and take a stand in the face of racism, calling out the bad behavior when you see it. Seek opportunities to surround yourself and your children with diverse people as it fosters empathy and understanding.

Dolan-Del Vecchio added that it’s also important to counter balance the violent protests seen in the media by showing your children – and teaching them about – peaceful protests, both past and current.

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