(MASS APPEAL) – Friday, September 16th was opening day of the Big E! Mass Appeal took our show live to the fair grounds to find out the details on all your favorite foods, the live entertainment scheduled, some new attractions to look out for and so much more!

Patrick Berry and Kayla Hevey spoke with Gene Cassidy, President and CEO of the Eastern States Exposition, to find out all the details of this years fair. You can find a schedule for all events happening at the Big E this year HERE

New attraction: The Big E Super Wheel

One of the new attractions that guests can look forward to seeing is the Super Wheel. This 150ft Ferris Wheel has replaced the original wheel located at the North American Midway section of the fair. It is the largest of its kind in North America and features enclosed, temperature controlled gondolas. There are also VIP gondolas that are available to rent that have cushioned seats and a see through floor!

Mass Appeal met with Lynda Franc, Cooperate Marketing Director for North American Midway Entertainment to get all the details on this new ride.

Live Entertainment

Everybody knows about the live entertainment that’s put on here every year. John Juliano and Anne-Alise Pietruska of CFE, Mellowship Entertainment, who are responsible for making it all happen, were joined by Patrick at the Court of Honor Stage to find out what you can look forward to seeing at this years Big E.

You can find a full list of scheduled entertainment for this year HERE


The Big E started out as an agricultural fair and that is still a part of the experience today. You can find an array of livestock animals as well as family fun events that take place daily. Kayla met with Farma-A-Rama coordinator Chris Garrett to get all the details.

To find out about all the agricultural events at Farm-A-Rama you can visit them on the Big E’s website.

Another new addition to the Big E: The Front Porch

The Front Porch made its debut at the Big E on opening day, featuring a comfortable atmosphere filled with local vendors and food. This new addition is located inside gate 5, adjacent to the Better Living Center. Patrick spoke with Tim Garstka, Director of Sales for the Eastern States Exposition about what he hopes the Front Porch will bring to the Big E.

Food Highlights

A fan favorite every year at the Big E is of course, the food! Kayla took a look at some new dishes as well as the classics to give a preview of what to expect as you stroll the fair grounds.

Kayla met with Gina Luari, owner of The Place 2 Be in Springfield, who will be providing customers with out of this world milkshakes. We also got a preview of classic comfort foods from Emily Potter, of the Bean Restaurant Group. Of course you’ll need something to wash all this down and Mark Avery, owner and head brewer at Two Week Notice Brewing Company offers and array of IPAs. There are even some based on classics at the Big E including the “Westside Big Slide”.

All food that will be available throughout the duration of the Big E can be found HERE

Military Appreciation Day

Opening day, Friday, September 16th is Military Appreciate Day at the Big E. Free admission is provided for active duty and retired military personal. There will also be a Mobile Vet Center located on Avenue of the States that will provide all veterans with any information they may be looking for about healthcare and other services.

Joining Mass Appeal is Michael McNamara, from the Department of Veteran Affairs to share with us how the Big E is highlighting Veterans on Military Appreciation Day.

To find out more you can visit them on the Big E website.

Avenue of the States

The State buildings are always a hit with guests. You can find the bets of New England only steps apart within the Avenue of the States. Some highlights we brought to you are from the Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Maine Buildings to get an idea of what to look forward to.

Patrick and Kayla caught up with Anna Trenholm, Maine Building Manager, Mark DeCosta of the Rhode Island Building and Lynne, Manager at the New Hampshire building for just a piece of what is offered to guests throughout the fair.

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