Living or working with a narcissitic person can have profound and lasting effects. 

Dr. Rob Robinson is the Clinical Director at Family Care Counseling Associates and he joins us to share more. 


Stop wondering if you’re good enough! YOU ARE!!

Living or working with a narcissistic person can be incredibly challenging, often leading to feelings of inadequacy, self doubt, and anxiety. In more extreme cases, exposure to a narcissist can lead to clinical depression from the emotional abuse and torment a person has had to endure. In this segment of Mass Appeal we’ll cover some tips for dealing with a narcissistic person and re-discovering your self worth!

Narcissus: In Greek mythology, Narcissus was the son of the river god who fell in love with his own reflection in a pond and became consumed with his own beauty. In other words, it was all about him.

Characteristics of a Narcissistic Person:
     1. They have an inflated sense of their own importance and they have no problem letting you know!
     2. They have a deep need for admiration and attention and they “feed” on others to get it!
     3. They often have troubled relationships, but they won’t know it’s because of them.
     4. They lack empathy. 
     5. Underneath the “bravado” is a fragile self esteem.

How it feels to be exposed to a narcissist:
     1. you feel blamed for everything
     2. you feel criticized
     3. you feel as if your opinions or feelings don’t matter
     4. you often feel you can never do enough
     5. events, situations, and even history will be spun to fit their narrative. 

Tips for dealing with a narcissist:
     1. Start by embracing this motto: “You can’t change the wind, but you can adjust the sails.”
     2. Stop sacrificing yourself, it will never be enough. Narcissists need people to “feed” on.
     3. Read, journal, talk to a licensed mental health professional.
     4. Let someone know if you are being abused verbally, physically, or emotionally.
     5. Realize and see clearly that narcissism is a cover-up for a fragile self esteem.