(MASS APPEAL) – Sometimes life can be a challenge and present you with, what could feel like insurmountable hurdles, but you keep your chin held high and persevere. I am joined by Jessica Clancy, author of the book “The Quest for Family”, Registered Dietitian and educational YouTuber, to talk about her recent book.

Jessica Clancy, a native Texan, worked professionally as a cosmetologist for eighteen years while completing her bachelor’s degree in nutrition from the University of Houston. She worked on Oxford Street in London through the British Universities of North America Club in 1996, traveling to seventeen European countries.

She completed her master’s degree in nutrition with a business minor from Sam Houston State University in 2002, studying business in Pueblo, Mexico. Jessica and her husband, Adam, were licensed foster parents for five years. Jessica has been a registered dietitian since 2008 and cherishes church, family time, and RV travel.

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