(MASS APPEAL) – Those with special needs and abilities require unique opportunities for personal enrichment, and the Springfield Jewish Community Center has a program that can help. I am joined by Kim Liguori, a volunteer member of the JCC Kehillah committee, and Dorothy Linder, the JCC Director of Kehillah programs.

Springfield JCC’s CHEERS Block Party

The 2023 CHEERS Block Party is a celebration of the J’s Kehillah Special Needs Department. There will be a wide variety of food trucks, dancing, games, and activities for ALL ages and abilities, and you’re sure to have a great time!

The event is open to the entire community, and interested guests will have the option to learn more about Kehillah’s offerings and how they or their families might benefit. 

For more information on the Springfield JCC’s Kehillah program or the upcoming CHEERS fundraiser visit springfieldjcc.org/kehillah

Sponsored by: Springfield Jewish Community Center