Three simple steps for relieving your stress and creating happiness

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(Mass Appeal) – Are you stressed out or unhappy? Feel like you’re losing your mind? Well, a lot of stress and unhappiness in life comes from our minds and thoughts. Doctor Rob Robinson, clinical director of Family Care Counseling and Associates, has 3 steps you can take to feel less overwhelmed.

Step 1: Learn to stop thinking.
– It is incredibly peaceful and joyful to stop thinking. Freedom from thought opens the door to inner stillness and inner peace. One helpful technique for this is to find gaps in your day, where, for even for 10 seconds, at first, you can experience stillness. To do this simply find an object nearby, bring your attention to the object, do not impose any thoughts, and try to experience the stillness in that moment. As you practice this 4 or 5 times a day, you’ll find that you can suspend thinking and experience inner stillness for longer periods.

Step 2: Bring your full attention to and live in the present moment.
– The present moment is all we ever have and learning to bring our full attention into the now is stress-relieving. To do this, remember these three pointers:
– the most important thing we are doing, is the thing we’re doing NOW
– the most important person we are with, is the person we are with NOW
– the most important moment we are in, is the moment we are in NOW.
– Once the planning, goal setting and appointment making are completed – return to living in the now. This is where our life is always lived.

Step 3: Practice “surrendering” or accepting what is. Not judging, criticizing, or complaining. This isn’t easy, but you can learn to free yourself from resistance to what is, which is always the source of negativity. Remember: nothing has meaning except the meaning we give it.
– Surrendering doesn’t mean giving up or not taking action. It simply means starting with acceptance to what is and acting from a place of acceptance. Start small with this step. For example, when you are caught in traffic or waiting in line, try to bring acceptance to what is and ask yourself is there space for this? Notice what begins to happen to your stress when you are in a place of non-resistance to what is.

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