(Mass Appeal) – So many people are suddenly working from home to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 that we compiled ideas to make the transition to a home office go smoothly and ensure productivity.


  • Keep a similar routine to when you commuted to work. Get up at the same time, get ready for work as you normally would have and “Leave” for work at the same time. You might work a little longer day because of no commute and that’s OK.
  • Have a space in your home or apartment solely dedicated for work. It can be a spare bedroom, an area of your living room or dining room.
  • Make sure your family or roommates know that when you’re at this workspace you are considered at work and shouldn’t be interrupted.
  • Discipline is hard. Laundry is there, dishes are there and most importantly, snacks are there.
  • Working from home can make you very sedentary so make sure to periodically get up and move.
  • Be responsible. Now is not a good time to lose your job because of lack of focus on work.


  • Try and mimic as best as possible your office space to create a sense of consistency. What can you bring home from your office: chair, notepads, stapler, calculator, keyboard, monitor
  • Use headphones/earbuds for calls. Eliminates keeping cellphone caught between ear and shoulder