Tips on avoiding sharks when visiting beaches in New England

Mass Appeal

(Mass Appeal) – With recent tragedies and many sightings, sharks are on many people’s minds as they visit beaches in New England this summer. Dr. Nick Whitney, senior scientist at the Anderson Cabot Center for Ocean Life at the New England Aquarium, joined us to talk about staying safe from these predators.

According to Dr. Whitney, there are more sharks in our waters now because the seal population has increased. The seal population was protected in the 1970s, so numbers have increased since then, thus bringing more sharks.

Dr. Whitney has some advice for swimmers: avoid swimming at dawn or dusk; when the lighting is bad, sharks will have a harder time distinguishing humans from prey. Swimming in groups is also preferable to swimming alone. If you encounter a shark, Dr. Whitney suggests that you it hit hard on the nose and put up a fight to escape. If you just see one, quickly and calmly exit the water.

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