CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – Poison ivy and poison oak, are a great way to ruin a beautiful day outdoors. Herbal Information Specialist Jonathan Evans, from The Herbarium in Chicopee shared some natural remedies to cure that pesky itch!Treating Poison Ivy and Poison Oak Naturally

Burdock, Plantain, Jewel weed, Yellow Dock, Mullein – If you are out in the woods, there are several plants you may find right near the poison ivy/ oak. Usually these plants are very close by (ain’t Mother Nature grand?) You can break off a leaf or stem of these plants rub it on the area and get instant relief. Ironically, plantain is the flat, spoon shaped weed that people pay a ton of money to the yard services to kill. My back yard could cure the world with the amount of plantain I have.

Baking soda bath or a paste – applied directly, apple cider vinegar, oatmeal, a sea salt paste applied (not Morton’s) aloe vera gel or juice if you have the plant, and witch hazel

Cucumbers/Banana Peels/Watermelon – If you are at a picnic, and get into the poison ivy. You can rub a cucumber slice or banana peel or even the rind from the ubiquitous watermelon.

Green clay – Helps stop the itch

Grampa’s pine tar soap – Is great for treating poison ivy