Wedding Week: Tooth whitening tips for the big day

Mass Appeal

(Mass Appeal) – If you are in wedding all eyes are on you – so it’s important to consider the look of your teeth. Right now there are many whitening options and here to talk about the pros and cons of each is Dr. Kelly Bouchard of Bouchard Dental.

According to Dr. Bourchard, there are two types of stains that your teeth get – external and internal. External stains come from things like coffee, red wine, tea and nicotine and can be easily removed with over-the-counter and in office whitening.

While over-the-counter products are effective, in office whitening delivers results faster. Dr Bouchard notes to watch the level of hydrogen peroxide in your whitening products because high percentages can lead to sensitivity. Leaving whitening products on too long can also lead to more sensitive teeth.

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