(MASS APPEAL) –Lifestyle contributor Limor Suss shares essentials to kick the year off right.

Mighty Sesame Organic Tahini is the combination condiment and dressing made with one single, superfood ingredient, sesame seeds. It’s a highly nutritive and extremely delicious dressing, drizzle, or dip that’s ready to set the food world on fire. With high protein, zero added sugar, low carbs, and good fats, it’s the ideal addition to any salad, sandwich or veggie dip. It makes food Mighty, and it’s good on everything! One key ingredient, endless possibilities. Available at select major retailers nationwide.

As a staple at the breakfast table, Post worked together with Disney to create a one-of-a-kind Mickey Mouse head-shaped fruity cereal and a new confetti cake flavored cereal to celebrate Disney’s 100 Years of Wonder. Keep an eye on the cereal aisle throughout the year, the confetti cake cereal box will change to celebrate three different Disney and Pixar characters. The Post Disney 100 Years of Wonder Cereals are now available at retailers nationwide. Fans are encouraged to follow the brand on Instagram (@Post_Cereals) for more details.

With 21g of protein, 3 to 4g of net carbs and 2g or less of sugar, the Quest Protein Bars are better, softer and yummier than ever before!

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