CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – Take care of your heart, your body and your muscles this season with yoga! Sheila Magalhaes from Heartsong Yoga Center in East Longmeadow joined us to share tips for staying safe while shoveling this winter!Yoga for Your Shovel Muscles:

Warm up and stretch before heading out the door, or in between rounds of heavy work right in the driveway even if you are all bundled up.

Focus on the work at hand, pay attention to body mechanics, don’t over do, be mindful, be present, don’t rush, take breaks.

Yoga poses for a full body stretch, focus on on core stability, shoulder and upper back, legs…quads and hamstrings.

Heat up the body, prepare for the work outside, or use as a post shovel relaxation.


1/2 Moon

Deep forward fold

Warrior Two

Side Angle

Straight legged side stretch.