12-year-old takes 75 mile joyride

(WPMI/NBC News) A 12-year-old boy from Alabama is in big trouble after a 75-mile joyride that took him across state lines.

Police in Mobile say the boy took his mom’s cars keys, and then took off after an argument with his parents.

He was stopped by a gas station attendant in New Augusta, Mississippi when he pulled over to fill up.

When officials arrived on the scene they were surprised a 12-year-old was able to drive so far without getting in a wreck.

“Very impressive for a 12-year-old to drive from Mobile County to here, I think about an hour and a half drive. There was no damage on the vehicle and he got here safely,” said Perry County Sheriff Mitch Nobels.

It’s not clear if any charges will be filed, but officials say they expect the boys parents will bring down a harsh enough punishment.

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