NEW BEDFORD, Mass. (WPRI) — A social media post led to the arrest of two people in New Bedford earlier this week, according to the New Bedford Police Department.

Police said the post showed marijuana and a firearm inside of a vehicle in the area of Blue Meadows housing development.

Officers responded to the area and found 18-year-old Calvin Rosa and a 15-year-old juvenile sitting inside the vehicle from the social media post, according to police.

While conducting a search of the vehicle and suspects, officers discovered Rosa had 43 bags of marijuana “packaged in a manner consistent with street-level sales” and a knife, according to police.

Police also said the juvenile was carrying a loaded 9 mm hand gun.

Both Rosa and the juvenile were taken into custody. Rosa is charged with one count of possession to distribute marijuana and carrying an illegal knife, while the juvenile is charged with carrying a loaded firearm without a license and possession of ammunition.

The juvenile was deemed dangerous and is currently being held at a juvenile detention center, police said.

Rosa, who has been on probation since May, was arrested just last week for pointing a firearm at someone, according to police. Despite having four warrants out for his arrest, police said a judge let Rosa post $500 bail.

During his court appearance Thursday, police said Rosa “was nevertheless arraigned and released” by the judge, even though he has 17 open charges against him and a history of not showing up for scheduled court appearances.