BOSTON (WWLP) – Last winter’s snow and ice melted a long time ago, but the state’s Department of Transportation is looking to close a $50 million tab for snow and ice removal.

Governor Charlie Baker filed a bill to allocate nearly $60 million in supplemental spending for the fiscal year that ended more than a month ago.

Under Baker’s bill, MassDOT would receive $50.4 million for last winter’s snow and ice spending.

State Senator William Brownsberger told 22News that pressures to balance the budget can lead legislators to under-fund some accounts, despite the potential need.

“The only thing we could really do there is just put more money in the account,” Brownsberger explained. “And of course, that’s always the problem: we never have enough money to do all the things that we think we need to do. There’s always a temptation to use a lower estimate for what’s needed and then at the end of the year make up the difference.”

Governor Baker is asking the legislature to enact the legislation quickly. The House referred the bill to the state’s budget committee for review.

No word yet on when the bill will come up for a vote. The legislature will resume formal sessions next month.