99-year-old man walks 6 miles a day to visit wife in hospital


It doesn’t matter that it’s one of the hottest Labor Days in recent memory, or that the trek is over six miles. Luther Younger isn’t going to let anything stop him.

“I want to see my wife,” he says. “I love my wife.”

He’s been married to Waverlee Younger for over 55-years.

“She made a man out of me,” Luther says. “She made me more than I ever could be.”

The two built a life together, started a family, and made memories. In 2009, Waverlee was diagnosed with a brain tumor. She’s been in and out of hospitals ever since. Younger is determined to visit her every day – without a car, he simply puts one foot in front of the other.

“Six, seven, eight miles. Every day,” he says. For him, the hike is worth it.

In the recent weeks, his story has gone viral, shared on news outlets across the world.

“I’m pretty sure someone is going to wind up doing a movie about it. I’m pretty sure,” says Lutheta Younger, Luther’s daughter. She says strangers go out of their way to greet them now.

“People are stopping me in the street,” she says. “In the grocery store.”

Lutheta says even at age 99, her Dad is still as determined as ever.

“I think it’s a great love story,” she says.

The family tells me that Waverlee will be leaving the hospital this week.

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