A CLOSER LOOK: ‘Justice for Angie’ contacted about some human bones


Fulton County looking into the human bone find

Bone(s) found beneath the floor of a boutique in Salem, AR.

ARKANSAS (KNWA/KFTA) — A shop owner in Salem, Arkansas, contacted Justice for Angie founder, Tiffany Thomas, about bones that had been at the shop for some time and maybe see if they were connected in any way to the person Thomas has been looking for, Angela Mack-Cox.

I reached out to the boutique owner once she messaged me, according to Thomas. “She told me it appears to be human, it may be hip bone sawed into two pieces, and was under the floor at the shop.”

Possible human bone found at a boutique in Salem, Arkansas. Fulton County. Photo Courtesy Terri Catron.
Possible human bone found at a boutique in Salem, Arkansas. Fulton County. Photo Courtesy Terri Catron.

The boutique is located on Church Street — it’s called “Church Street Boutique.”

Terri and her husband Jeremy Catron found a possible hip or pelvis bone, sawed into two pieces.

The two-story vacant building was built in the 1920s and was in disrepair when they bought it in 2017. It used to have a lawyer’s office upstairs and a funeral home downstairs. It later became a clothing store, according to the Catrons.

The bone was found in the back part of the building under the floor of the first porch. “The first time, the porch was enclosed and made part of the store,” said Jeremy.

It was added on to again.

“There were two additions. But by the time we bought the building the first addition’s ceiling and floor was collapsed. So, we decided to remodel, which meant tearing up the floor,” said Jeremy.

In the process, about 150 formaldehyde bottles were found underneath the floor, too, something Jeremy recognized because he had worked at a funeral home.

“I joked with the person helping me saying, ‘wouldn’t it be funny if we found a dead body?'”

About 10 minutes later the bones were found.

“There were two to three saw marks on the bone and finally someone sawed all the way through,” said Jeremy. “I’ve witnessed embalmings and there is no reason to saw someone and it’s an odd spot to do it. It’s peculiar why anyone would do it,” he said.

They took the bones to the police station that’s behind the building, but not much interest was given.

Terri showed the old bones to the police explaining what they found under the back porch. “It’s a human bone … but too much red tape,” is what the officer said, according to Terri.

So, the couple kept the bones and placed them on a shelf and they have since sold the building.

But, Jeremy said before they bought the building they were told ghost stories about the place. The previous owner’s daughter had a ghost friend that lived upstairs, they were told.

Terri is convinced there were ghosts, but it didn’t deter her from working late into the night at the shop. “Some of the videos make you wonder, like seeing stuff moving. It’s weird. I never wanted to go in after night … no way,” said Jeremy.

Earlier this week, a detective from the Sheriff’s office picked up the bones, after Thomas made a formal request to have the bones tested for DNA.

“I’m not giving up on finding my friend Angie,” said Thomas. “Some one knows what happened to her and her son, Mikey.”

While Thomas is almost certain these aren’t Angie’s bones, she said, “they belong to somebody.”

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