BROOKFIELD, Conn. (WWLP) – A heroic rescue took place in Brookfield, Connecticut, as an off-duty firefighter was just in the right place at the right time.

Nicholas Perri Jr. was driving home from work and didn’t have firefighting gear when he saw the blazing vehicle on the side of Route 7 near Brookfield early Saturday morning. But he ran in to help anyway.

Perri described the ordeal where he rescued the trapped woman. “I assessed how she was in there, I broke the front passenger window. I was able to get one of her legs free. The other one was pretty mangled, it was giving me a hard time. I told her you need to work with me because we’re running out of time here. Miraculously, her leg came out and, whoop, one motion, pulled her right through the passenger and I dragged her up to the closest roadway.”

He said he used every ounce of muscle and adrenaline possible to pull the driver out to safety through a passenger-side window. Brookfield volunteer firefighters and EMS personnel soon arrived and took the woman to a hospital. Right now she is in the ICU recovering.