BOSTON (WWLP) – Educators are calling on lawmakers to ensure adjunct faculty members at colleges receive fair wages and employment stability.

Dozens of educators and residents packed a hearing of the Higher Education Committee on Thursday. Adjunct professors said that they are currently paid about 20% of the salary of their full-time counterparts, with many receiving less than a living wage.

One proposal would require colleges and universities pay adjunct faculty at a similar rate as full-time instructors. If a college or university drops a course assignment, the bill would require the school to give the adjunct professor an alternate assignment, or pay 25% of the salary for the course.

UMass Amherst Professor Max Page said he has seen an increase in educators being hired as adjunct faculty, rather than full-time.

“We have faculty across the 29 public colleges and universities who are paid very low wages, have no healthcare, no benefits, and no job security at all,” Page said.

Adjunct workers make up a majority of the faculty at nearly 30 non-profit schools in Massachusetts.