LONGMEADOW, Mass. (WWLP) – Gun laws will remain the same in Longmeadow, after residents rejected three proposals that would have imposed tight restrictions on legal gun owners.

The bylaws would have banned assault rifles in town, imposed fines for carrying a firearm on town property, and require gun owners to provide a written account of their guns with the police department. All three were overwhelmingly rejected at Tuesday night’s town meeting.

These proposals created some serious controversy in town. Some people thought they would make the community safer, while others argued they would violate residents’ Second Amendment rights.

“You’re not supposed to be punished for having a gun. You have to be able to defend yourself,” Petra Gottzmann of Longmeadow said.

“I don’t think everybody else should control what one person wants or doesn’t want,” Danielle Goodman of Longmeadow said.

All 3 gun restriction proposals rejected in Longmeadow

Selectman Alex Grant, who proposed the bylaws, sent 22News the following statement:

“Last night’s meeting did not diminish my belief that the proposed gun laws are necessary.  What we heard on the other side was an absolutist defense of the 2nd amendment.  In other words, no regulation, no matter how minimal an imposition, was going to be opposed.

What I heard from the other side was nothing constructive, no alternative proposal, about reducing gun violence.  Some people suggested gun violence was the problem of our neighboring towns, but not Longmeadow.  This ‘not my problem’ approach is short-sighted.

I am heartened by the number of people who spoke up in favor of these common sense gun control laws and who have spoken to me privately.  I hope we find the political will to pass these laws before a needless tragedy strikes.”