PAYSON CANYON, Utah (CNN) – A nature photographer captured video of what some suspect may be the legendary Big Foot.

The creature was reportedly spotted in Payson Canyon, Utah last spring and now, the video has surfaced on YouTube.

A nature photographer is taping spring runoff in a Payson Canyon stream when he hears something. When he tilts the camera up to a wooded hillside, a dark figure can be seen walking upright on two legs.

“The interesting part for me is right there. That little gap. It walks right through that gap and you can see the face and the shoulders. It looks pretty massive to me. It looks a hundred, two hundred feet away maybe and it’s still pretty large.” As it walks through those trees it looks like it turns to the left, looks at whoever’s filming this and then turns to the right and walks off into the bushes over that hill.”

We’ve seen these types of clips before. The same YouTube channel has a video from last November walking through an aspen grove near the alpine loop that connects Provo Canyon and American Fork Canyon. Skeptics say that if Bigfoot really exists, with all the cellphone cameras out there these days. How come all the videos are bad quality?

Of course, commenters have been weighing in on these clips. Some saying they really believe it’s the mythical creature. Others claim they’re hoaxes showing a guy in a gorilla costume. A longer video might have helped viewers decide.

“I guess he could have kept the camera on longer and hoped it came back. I don’t know. I’m not sure if he left right then or not but I probably would have left right after that. That’s pretty scary.”