NEW YORK (CNN) – 127 million Americans say they’ll celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day this year. That’s according to an annual survey by the national retail federation.

Total spending is expected around $4.6 billion; slightly lower than last year’s estimated total of almost 4.8 billion. Last year’s spending got a boost when about 1-in-3 Americans said they’d go out for the holiday and celebrate at a restaurant or bar.

This year, that number is slightly lower, and about half of Americans say they’ll mark the holiday at a private home, either by attending a party or by enjoying a special dinner from their own kitchen.

Some of that could be because of the weather in many parts of the country, but retailers also haven’t seen lower gas prices translating into more spending elsewhere. And big Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations are usually a tough sell when the holiday falls on a weekday, as it does this year.

Nonetheless, leading the way among Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations are consumers ages 25 to 34, who will spend almost $42 on the holiday.Copyright 2015 CNN