Amtrak Crash: Searching for a cause


(NBC News) The investigation into Monday’s deadly Amtrak derailment is underway.

The National Safety Transportation Board is working to determine to what caused the high-speed commuter train to jump the tracks and spill several cars onto Washington’s Interstate 5, killing three people and injuring dozens more.

Several of those cars were removed Tuesday.

“Once we get them removed from the scene, NTSB, who is taking over primary investigation on this, will be able to document everything that occurred in those cars in a safe environment,” said Washington State Patrol Captain Dan Hall.

Data from the train’s rear black box show it was going nearly three times the speed limit as it headed into a curve, the force sending nearly the entire train off the tracks.

One train car crashed down to the highway below, hitting a semi and other passenger vehicles, while other train cars dangled precariously from the overpass.

Investigators are questioning if the engineer ever applied brakes or if distraction played a role in the crash.

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