Angry bison attacks jogger – “He flipped me up in the air”


(KSL) What started as a regular date for one Utah man and woman ended in a terrifying encounter with a bison at Antelope Island State Park and an astonishing coincidence.

When Kayleigh Davis met up with her friend, Kyler Bourgeous, for a run on a trail at the park, she knew it was his first week back at the island after a bison attacked him there in June.

“I had called her to see if she wanted to watch the sunset out on Antelope Island,” Bourgeous recalled Sunday.

“I thought my incident was a freak accident with really bad luck with the positioning, and that we’d be fine going back out there.”

But Friday, when the two went for their evening run, Davis, about a quarter mile ahead, spotted the bison off the trail.

“There’s a bison, and I was uncomfortable standing there by myself, especially after hearing his story,” Davis explained. She turned around to run back toward her friend.

“I go around the bison, like off the trail away from him, and there’s actually four bikers coming down the trail and I think they had spooked him.”

The bison zeroed in on her.

“That’s when he flipped me up in the air … I was about 15 feet in the air,” Davis recalled.

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