WILBRAHAM, Mass. (WWLP) — It’s October 1st which means fall festivities like apple picking are in full swing! 22News visited a farm in Wilbraham to check out the local apple stock.

The start of a new month comes with a boom in business for local farms with eyes fixed on all things fall. After the defeating summer season experienced by farmers, it sure is a welcome boost.

Farms across the region are still feeling the fallout from this summer’s torrential downpours and early spring frost with many dealing with hefty crop losses.

“We’ve felt it personally, I don’t know, I’m sure everyone felt the same in the area, but it’s nice that they’ve got a decent enough turnout here so that we can still get a good day in,” expressed Jake Clements from Palmer.

“I’ve definitely noticed it at the grocery stores too, pretty slim Pickens, so it’s nice to know that there’s a place to go to support them to hopefully continue it in the years to come,” said Palmer resident Leah Dominique.

Despite a difficult summer, Fern Valley Farm is wrapping up its pick-your-own season with plenty of apples to choose from. Apple picking season typically runs between August and November with ‘pecks’ of different apple varieties to please everyone’s palette.

22News spoke with one family from Longmeadow enjoying a fall pastime passed through generations. The memories that the fall brings to Mitch Clionsky and their family are ones they look forward to every year, “It used to be the highlight of the fall, we used to take Leah, her brother, and her sister out, and we’d spend an afternoon apple-picking then go home, and if we had enough energy try to make pies.”

“We love the fall, it’s super nostalgic. I always wanted to go apple-picking with my daughter, and so we’re visiting Grandpa and going apple-picking!”

To find an Orchard or Farm near you, there’s a farm locator map here.

Farm and orchard owners say to get to pick sooner rather than later before they run out.

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