Are productivity killers, killing your work ethic?


SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – They’re considered the most common productivity killers at work, and they range from texting on your phone, to taking extended smoke breaks.

William Walsh of West Springfield told 22News the majority of his colleagues don’t even realize how long of a break they’re taking. “That’s actually one of the reasons why I started smoking, because people at work, they would take smoke breaks all of the time. It definitely slows down production,” he said.

A new CareerBuilder survey found these seemingly harmless distractions can lower the morale of the entire workplace, while compromising how well you do your job.

Belchertown resident Alexey Katko said many times, he’ll get sidetracked without even realizing it. “Moments where I forget what I’m there to be doing and what I’m trying to accomplish. You just lose sense of what you’re doing and it probably adds an extra half an hour to an hour a day,” he said.

The Internet is the main productivity killer for 44% of people, but it’s not the biggest distraction overall. More than half of workers say their cell phone is to blame, sidetracking 52% of respondents.

To try and prevent distractions, many employers are implementing new rules, including scheduling lunch times, monitoring emails, and limiting meetings. West Springfield resident Ruth Kuras told 22News she can see why. “You’re at work to work, you are using the company products, you should be working and not playing games or surfing the net for your personal use,” she said.

To increase productivity, experts say you should schedule breaks, setting a definite end time, surround yourself with other productive people, and hold yourself accountable for your distractions by posting on social media what you plan on accomplishing at work that day.

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