SPRINGFIELD, MASS.(WWLP)-When Hurricane Maria ravaged Puerto Rico it destroyed homes, businesses and schools leaving many children without a way to receive their education.

Springfield and Holyoke have a large latino population made up of people originally from Puerto Rico.

Many people displaced from Hurricane Maria could come to western Massachusetts to stay with family members while the island is rebuilt.

And as a result, schools in the area could be getting new students.

“It wouldn’t be the first time we’ve and an influx of students from else where and need to provide services for those students,” said Chief Communications Officer for Springfield Public Schools, Azell Cavaan. “As long as they are enrolled here in Springfield and they are attending Springfield public schools we will make sure that we provide the resources that they need.”

But this influx of students would put a strain on the resources that Springfield Public Schools have available right now.

If students from Puerto Rico become enrolled in Springfield Public Schools, they would appeal to the state for aid, ensuring that they have everything needed for additional students.

Holyoke Public Schools are also preparing for this scenario.

Hoyoke Superintendent, Steve Zrike said that it is too soon to know exact numbers right now and having limited communication on the island makes that more difficult.

He is hoping to know by the end of the month how many new students his school system could see.